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Our Story

Amasney's story is one of hard work and innovation. Our founder, Montgomery Stonnington worked his way up from nothing. What began as a small mechanical engineering operation on Melbourne’s fringe has been transformed into the global behemoth we are today.

Who We Are

While we keep a firm foot in the field of mechanical engineering, over our long history we've expanded and built a reputation for impactful delivery across consulting, financial advisory, risk advisory, tax, political lobbying, technology services and a whole array of business services to serve this ever changing world. Supported by a strong leadership team, and with member firms spanning the globe, Amasney is in the business of solving complex problems. Innovation is the oxygen that powers us, enabling us to embrace the unknown, the chaos, the mayhem, because we know this is where the magic can happen.

Our Vision

At Amasney we're motivated by a purpose that transcends profits: to make an impact in a way that matters in our communities. A vibrant and stimulating workplace culture is key to achieving this and has been created by gamifying the workplace, resulting in employees who simply don't want to leave work. Our diversity and inclusion commitment aims to ensure our people feel valued and it is underpinned by our belief in the importance of wellbeing.

About Us

Working at Amasney


"Some forms of work can be hard to quantify, so it's important to set clear goals and see the work through until its completion. During a recent performance review, it was revealed that one of our promising young staffers was struggling to meet their KPIs. While the work they were doing was much more effective, it didn't meet the preordained metrics. Managing young people often means managing their expectations. I love their enthusiasm but it has to be channeled in the right direction" Michelle, team leader


“A few months ago I was struggling to afford rent and my mental health was deteriorating rapidly. After telling my manager, Amasney were able to provide sessions with a psychiatrist who diagnosed me with depression. Now armed with a battery of SSRIs, I’m ready to face eviction head-on.” Jim, IT

What We Offer


“Our clients’ needs are our number one priority and that often means staying in the office until late. It’s not all bad though, sometimes management will buy us takeaway. And in those seconds between the satay prawns and the pad thai, I almost forget I’m missing those precious family moments.” Nikita, operations


“Growing up with alcoholic parents we moved around a lot, staying in a real bed became a luxury. When I was old enough I got out and supported myself, but soon found myself falling into the same substance abuse traps I was trying to escape. Now, thanks to my job at Amasney I’m more settled. Yes the pay is bad, the hours oppressive and the toll on my body surprisingly terrible, but the truth is I just don’t expect much any more.” Jarryd, customer service


"Recently we were commissioned by a government department in the development of a major infrastructure project. When it was completed there were complaints from community members that it was a white elephant and may actually be detrimental to the community. Luckily our public relations team were on the ball and ensured that the perceptions remained positive. It’s important to remember that it doesn’t matter if something works, as long as people think it does." Christian, Marketing

Cleaner Streets® Campaign

What is it?

You may have seen posters (such as below) advertising our Cleaner Streets® campaign. This community initiative aims to rid our public spaces of the scourge of graffiti, especially tagging.

By subscribing to an Amasney payment plan, participants are provided with a legitimate Amasney Public Space® to place their tags.

By defining the boundaries of where tagging is acceptable we have freed up Public Space® for more consensual imagery e.g. advertisements.

Why Us



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